In these workshops you'll learn a set skill that you can take home and implement immediately. These are my go-to tools that I use with clients on a weekly basis and they work! When you attend live, you get a chance to interact and ask questions with me in a group setting. When you watch the replay, you get to pause, think, journal, rewind, and re-watch. Either way, you can't lose!

Stop the Spiral:

5 Essential Tools to Ditch Unhelpful Thoughts and Successfully Manage Anxiety

With Christina Holyoak, LMFT & Aly Bullock, MFT

Replay Available! Click on the link below for all the info. 


Do you ever get stuck in a downward spiral of negativity that ruins your day? Do you feel that your thoughts have more control over you than you have over them? If you’re ready to ditch unhelpful beliefs, exit the downward spiral, and take control of your thoughts then join us for this one-hour workshop. We’ll be using principles from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to teach you how to work through 5 of the most common cognitive distortions by using the same tools we use in psychotherapy with our clients. 

Let's Make Up: 

How to Talk About What Happened and Move Forward Feeling Closer

Replay Available! Click on the link below for all the info. 


Do you tend to get stuck in the “I didn’t say that!” cycle of fact-checking and blaming? Or, do you go to bed and then never talk about it until the next blow up? If you’re ready to change that cycle, figure out what you’re really fighting about, and then move forward with empathy and understanding, join me for this one hour workshop. Here I’ll teach you an incredible 5 step process on how to process a fight that was created by world renowned couples therapists John & Julie Gottman. Leaving this workshop you’ll feel confident in your ability to slow down the conversation and really, truly, make up.