What are your fees & do you accept insurance?

Coaching Fees

At this time I do not accept insurance and accept out-of-pocket pay only. I do accept HSA funds

What is the difference between therapy and coaching?

Coaching services are designed psycho-educational with coach directed goals and practice. Each coaching session contains psycho-education, practice exercises, and one-on-one feedback tailored to your specific situation. Consider them mini-courses with a live instructor or personal tutor there to cheer for you as you learn new ways of thinking and acting. 

Therapy services are grounded in research-based therapy models and provided under the supervision of a Licensed Therapist. I currently hold an Associate Level license in the state of Connecticut and receive weekly supervision from an American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy Approved Supervisor. Therapy deals with past, present, and future as well as takes into account real mental health diagnoses and how they impact individuals and relationships. Therapy is client-centered and taken at a slower pace than coaching. It includes aspects of coaching like psycho-education and skills implementation, however it completely individualized to the needs of the client and the focus is on achieving client-led healing and goals. 

Will you diagnose me or prescribe medication?

Short answer: NO

In coaching we do not address diagnoses. 

Long Answer: 

As a systemically trained therapist, I view mental health as a result of the system (or environment) in which one lives, not as a personal pathology. That being said, in some cases I will suggest that a client considers a certain diagnosis and what it would mean to them to accept that as part of their experience. In these cases I will provide psycho-education on the diagnosis (for example, generalized anxiety), and work with them to manage it. I am happy to work with clients who have a pre-existing diagnosis. 

I am not a board certified psychiatrist, so I will never prescribe or suggest medication. I can provide you a referral for a medical doctor or nurse practitioner who can prescribe and review medications. That being said, I will take a history of your medications as part of our intake so we can review any possible side effects on your metal, physical, and relational health.  

How long does coaching last?

The length of time varies greatly between clients and is dependent on what issues they are working through and how long they’d like to spend in coaching. Our goal is to get you to a place where you are stable, empowered, and consistently applying tools to maintain your freedom. 

What is the duration of your sessions?

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes. Relationship Consultation sessions are 90 minutes. 

Do you ever meet in person or is it all virtual?

Currently all of my offerings are virtual. I do not see clients in person. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We require 24 business hours notice for cancellations. If not, you will be charged a partial session fee.

How does confidentiality work?

Everything that is said during a therapy session is completely confidential with three exceptions: 1) if a child is in danger, 2) if you are in danger of harming yourself, or 3) if you are planning on harming another person.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept HSA/ FSA accounts, and all major credit cards, A credit card on file is required to book an appointment. Please we do *not* accept cash.

Do you work with LDS people?

I am uniquely equipped to work with members of the LDS community, and enjoy working with people of all spiritual and faith backgrounds. 

How do I get started?

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