*Currently not accepting new clients until March 2024*


Relationship Consultation 

The relationship consultation is a 90 minute session with Aly in which we tackle a relationship issue of your choice. It is a one time session meant for couples who don't feel they need consistent coaching but need extra support working through one major issue. 

This consultation includes:

Fee: $250 

“I felt very comfortable and free in responding and talking through the session. My partner and I were able to even be more lighthearted about our issues and see it with a different perspective. Aly was so encouraging and understanding. She met us both where we are at and made us both feel heard and understood. Her way of guiding questions made the conversation easier and relaxed.”

-Relationship Consult Client Sept, 2023 (shared with permission)

“It was the best consult/counseling/coaching we have ever experienced! She listened, asked good questions and provided good insight and offered great resources. Loved our time with her!”

-Relationship Consult Client Sept, 2023 (shared with permission)

1:1 Relationship Coaching

In individual or couples coaching we will work together to help you gain clarity and peace regarding your relationship frustrations. We will use tools to help you change your behavior, take action, and create fulfillment in your life. 

Relationship Coaching includes:

Fee: $150

*As a certified Fair Play facilitator, I help couples rebalance the invisible labor within the home and reduce the chaos of daily life. This system allows you to strengthen your partnership, toss out the resentment, and create space for individual pursuits.

Check out the Fair Play website to learn more:

"In individual therapy, Aly helped me reframe my mindset to develop a healthier perception of myself, after having discovered my partner's infidelity. She assisted in paving the way for me to be able to move forward, rebuild trust and enhance communication with my partner. She was instrumental to my rediscovering of my own self, which made me a more confident person and a better partner."

-Former Client

"I feel like I made a good connection with Aly right from the start. Her style is warm and pragmatic, which I think is the perfect fit for me. I have had therapists in the past who treat every session as an open ended question of “so how are you feeling?” I don’t find that style helpful.  By contrast, Aly brings techniques and questions to our sessions which prompt me to think, reflect, learn and dream."

-Former Client

"We loved working with Alyson! She pushed us to be honest and vulnerable with each other while helping us remember and appreciate all the reasons we love each other. It changed the way we communicate for the better and gave us the skills to reground ourselves when there are stressful or not ideal moments."

-Former Client

Live Workshops & Speaking Events

I offer workshops & speaking events to private and workplace groups. 

Fees: Contact me for a proposal based on duration & group size