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A warm welcome to Alyson Bullock, Therapy & Consulting. Seeking out support is often the first step toward creating change and healing in your life. You may be nervous to take this step, or you may be excited and ready to dive in, but either way I am here to support you, hold space for you, and answer any questions that you have along the way.

Individual, Couple, & Family Therapy (VIRTUAL)

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Alyson Bullock, MA, AMFT

Hi, I'm Alyson. I remember the first time that I considered a job in the field of social support and healing. I was 16 years old, listening to a trusted mentor in my life share her experiences working with foster children. As tears filled her eyes because of the love that she felt for those souls, I knew I wanted to be in a line of work where I could influence people's emotional, relational, and spiritual health for the better. I feel honored to be a part of your journey now, and I can't wait to walk the road of healing, learning, and growing with you. 


"In individual therapy, Aly helped me reframe my mindset to develop a healthier perception of myself, after having discovered my partner's infidelity. She assisted in paving the way for me to be able to move forward, rebuild trust and enhance communication with my partner. She was instrumental to my rediscovering of my own self, which made me a more confident person and a better partner."

"I feel like I made a good connection with Aly right from the start. Her style is warm and pragmatic, which I think is the perfect fit for me. I have had therapists in the past who treat every session as an open ended question of “so how are you feeling?” I don’t find that style helpful.  By contrast, Aly brings techniques and questions to our sessions which prompt me to think, reflect, learn and dream."

"We loved working with Alyson! She pushed us to be honest and vulnerable with each other while helping us remember and appreciate all the reasons we love each other. It changed the way we communicate for the better and gave us the skills to reground ourselves when there are stressful or not ideal moments."